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Have you ever thought about what your dream wedding venue might look like? Is it in the mountains, in the countryside, or in the city? What do you hope it has included? Finding the perfect wedding venue for you and your partner can be difficult and stressful and no one wants to be stressed when wedding planning. This should be a time of your life that fills you with excitement and makes you feel pumped to plan your wedding. So, let us help you out a bit! We are going to share a few tips and tricks that you can use when searching for the perfect wedding venue.

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This is SUPER important when looking at wedding venues. You can usually look online or call the venue to ask about everything that comes with your wedding venue when you book them. You can ask questions like; Are there rooms to change in? Is there a list of preferred vendors or can I bring my own? Do you provide tables and chairs? These are all super important things to look at when searching for your wedding venue.



Your guest list makes a big difference when looking for a wedding venue. If you are having a huge wedding, you will need a big venue. But, if you are having a smaller more intimate wedding then you will want something smaller or maybe even simpler. These are things to think about when deciding on your wedding venue.



If you are planning on having a southern-style wedding you won’t want an elegant, modern-style venue in the city. Instead, you’ll want to go to the countryside or search for a barn-style venue. You’ll also want to look at the colors of the venue and make sure they match your wedding colors or complement them. You will thank yourself for this when you get your wedding photos back from your photographer.



Always think about your budget. Try not to go overboard with the cost of your wedding venue but stay in the sweet spot meaning, not over budget, not too under budget but right around where you would prefer to spend. In my opinion, the venue is one of the most important/expensive parts of your wedding so that is also something to think about. If your venue costs a lot, try to cut back on other expenses that you may not need.


We hoped you enjoyed reading about how to find the perfect wedding venue and hope you consider us a part of your wedding experience! To read more blogs click here. And if you’d like to inquire about your wedding click here.



“We loved The Grange Hall for our wedding celebration. The space is wonderful: the outdoor patio, the bride and groom’s suites, and even the most thoughtful crew of people managing it all. Every guest commented how much they loved the venue. Cody (the owner) and team were a dream to work with and helped us with so many little things; we could not be more grateful for their help. Huge shoutout to Cody’s mom for being around all night of in case we had any questions or needed anything! We had a perfect fall day for our event and the fire pits were a hit in the evening.”
-Haley A.

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