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Hindsight is always 20/20, it’s normal to look back on your wedding day and wonder “what if” and think about all the things you should have done differently. To help keep you out of that position as much as possible, we put together a list of things you’ll regret not doing on your wedding day. Wedding planning is filled with a lot of do’s and don’ts, so keep reading to see which things couples agree on and what they regret not doing on their wedding day.

Not Taking Time Alone with your Partner

Your wedding day is going to be packed to the brim with fun times and memories. It may even feel like a blur! That’s why it’s a good idea to take at least 10 minutes to spend alone with your partner. This can be after the first look, right after the ceremony, or during cocktail hour. You could even sneak away from the reception for a little bit to get that moment alone. Just make sure to take it all in and realize how beautiful your wedding day is!


Not Giving the Photographer a Photo Checklist

Going through your wedding gallery and not seeing a photo you really wanted can be easily avoided. Just send a photo checklist of all the photos you want! This can be as long or as short as you like. Just make sure to note the most important shots and keep your photographer updated. They will have a good idea of which photos to get without a list but to avoid missing out on a photo you were looking forward to, go ahead and send them a list!


Not Wearing Comfortable Wedding Shoes

There’s nothing worse than trying to dance the night away but all you can feel is the blister starting to form on your toe, ouch!! It’s time to change out of those gorgeous ceremony heels and slip into a much more comfortable pair of shoes.


Not Loving Your First Dance Song

Many couples let the first dance choice slip through the cracks when they are planning their wedding and then have to choose a song last minute. Because of this, the song isn’t as meaningful and they end up regretting their choice. A first dance is much more than just dancing to a song, it’s the first song you and your new husband/wife dance to together! Listen to the lyrics and pick a song that sticks out to you, but try not to overthink it and stress yourself out!


Not Eating at Your Reception

This seems really odd, but many couples don’t have time to eat at their reception! They are too busy greeting all their guests, taking pictures, and dancing! Make sure to enjoy the meals you thoughtfully picked out and don’t rush yourself. Even if you have to sneak away and eat with your partner alone, do it!



We hoped you enjoyed reading about things you’ll regret not doing on your wedding day and hope you consider us a part of your wedding experience! To read more blogs click here. And if you are in the Ohio area and you’d like to inquire about your wedding click here.




“We loved The Grange Hall for our wedding celebration. The space is wonderful: the outdoor patio, the bride and groom’s suites, and even the most thoughtful crew of people managing it all. Every guest commented how much they loved the venue. Cody (the owner) and team were a dream to work with and helped us with so many little things; we could not be more grateful for their help. Huge shoutout to Cody’s mom for being around all night of in case we had any questions or needed anything! We had a perfect fall day for our event and the fire pits were a hit in the evening.”

– Haley A

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