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No huge progress was made on the barn this week (which was fine since our family was in Hawaii for the week :P). We did get our back patio trusses and post delivered. The post will be installed tomorrow morning. Once they are set we will be waiting for the plumber to “rough in” our drain lines for the restrooms and bride room. The bathroom/bride room install will be a step-by-step process of different contractors having to do their specific parts in order to complete the job!

On another note… we got a new perimeter fence installed! Don’t worry, it will be painted black to match the barn this fall once the lumber has dried out. Thanks to Caleb from Scheiderer Fencing for fitting us in his already jam-packed Spring!

Our main goals to complete this month:

  1. Build Loft on South End of the Barn.
  2. Finish Inside Barn Walls
  3. Plant Grass Seed!

Anything else that gets done is just a bonus!

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