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As I was giving my third round of monthly barn tours on Saturday morning it occurred to me that some of our couples looking at our venue might not have Facebook or Instagram so we should probably come up with a way to keep them up to date on The Grange Hall progress, so here it is!

In the last two weeks we’ve started to make progress on what I have been calling “Phase 2”. We added a 80×200 parking lot behind the barn, this should hold roughly 45 more cars which should making the parking situation adequate for 350 people at a wedding. We also built our building pad for the covered rear patio and bathrooms/bride rooms. We are expecting the Amish crew to be here in a couple weeks to begin that construction! Our building supplies have began to show up for finishing the loft inside the barn and we expect the inside metal for the walls this week as well. Bahan Excavating has been moving moving our dirt around the property for what seems like the fifth or sixth time. They have built up the east side of the pond so it no longer runs into the field and they have also squared off our parking lot out front to hold a couple more cars on each side as well.

The most exciting thing that happened last week, at least for me, was our custom fabbed fire tables were finally delivered. They look amazing and are built very strong, I am very pumped about how they turned out and I can’t wait to see people gathered around them this Summer!

This week we anticipate starting on our septic system for the barn. The tanks have been ordered and are scheduled to show up this week. Hopefully the weather stays dry long enough for the installers to get them in the ground so we can start working on leveling off our dirt piles soon! Once the dirt has been prepped we will turn to grass planting mode to try and make our farm beautiful once again!

After our tours on Saturday morning our Sunday night was capped off by receiving word that we have booked our 6th wedding for 2023! That makes 8 weddings total booked for the future. We appreciate everyone’s support on this journey and we look forward to where this blog and this barn will take us!


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