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This week we knocked out some more interior barn metal, got our stairs finished and completed framing for the interior walls of the brideroom and bathrooms. On Monday morning the Amish knocked out the rest of the exterior metal that needed to be complete on the back addition. We went with black of course for the ceiling, walls, and post wraps. We also got our sewer pipe finished and encased in concrete where it crosses the back driveway. We are hoping to finish our barn interior this week and have our last concrete set to be poured on Tuesday morning! Cody will finish the rough in electric for the brideroom and bathrooms early this week so we can move on to drywall and tile by the weekend.

It’s also mother’s day and I wanted to take a second to wish Alexis her very first “Happy Mother’s Day” as she transitions from dog mom to human mom in September. “Boy” Johnston has been passing all his checks at her doctor’s appointment and he is very active doing all kinds of tricks in her belly! We can’t wait to finish our barn and we really can’t wait till he gets here this Fall.

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