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Last week was our farm was like a train station! So many contractors in and out with a couple more tours as well.

We started the week with Bahan’s coming back to prep our back patio and pond patio for concrete on Tuesday. We decided to go ahead and knock out our new mum pad while their equipment was here so we hauled in another 500 ton of stone. 😛 This pad replaced our plastic we planted the mums on last year, the wind is just too much for the ground cover material out here.

On Thursday and Friday Craig Moran Construction made his first two concrete pours on the barn. The bathrooms were stamped in a slate colored italian slate while the bride room was poured and stamped in a brown color that used wood floor looking planks. We decided to brush the covered patio just to make it match the existing concrete we already have. The concrete looks great and we can’t wait to pour our last patio facing the pond here in a couple weeks.

Our interior barn builders are an Amish crew. They were shorthanded this week with one of the guys getting married and the others attending the wedding so not as much progress was made inside the barn last week. We did start hanging the perforated metal on the top third of the barn walls and we were able to frame the loft stairs in and finally finish the loft wall with the board and batten metal. We’re hoping to make some real progress on those barn walls this week!

Cody took Friday off work from his day job and worked through the weekend in the barn finishing the electric in the shop/groom room and prep/storage area. He will be moving to the new brideroom/bathrooms to rough in that electric next week. It was finally dry enough on Sunday that he was able to get the tractor and tiller out and start working down the ceremony runway so it can be planted to grass soon!

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