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We’ve finally finished our interior barn metal! And not a moment too fast. This week was jam packed with construction, then cleaning that led us up to our first two bridal showers with our inside being complete.

The week started on Tuesday for us when Dry Lane Construction from LaRue arrived to drywall the bathrooms and brideroom, they were here daily last week and are coming back to final sand tomorrow so we can move onto tile & paint.

On Tuesday the Amish building crew also returned to finish hanging metal and wrapping windows. They moved their trailer out for the final time on Thursday morning.

Koch Painting finished our stairway by staining it a black color that matches our decor. The stairway really pops being trimmed on the outside with white metal.

Once the building crew moved out we began deep cleaning for hopefully the last time in the big area of the barn. After running a floor sweeper two or three times over the concrete and some from our friends and family cleaning many glass doors and windows we were ready to party!

On Friday night, we toured and booked our 14th wedding for 2023. We are officially out of June weekends for next year!

Saturday and Sunday were filled with bridal showers each day. Both parties dodged the rain and looked beautiful. Congrats to Kenzi & Torie, thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!

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