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Sorry we’re a day late with our weekly blog this week, the weekend got away from us! Not tons of progress made last week but hopefully it’s going to start ramping up again this week.

Last week Koch Painting was able to primer the bathrooms and the bride rooms. They should be ready for tile to be installed by Daulton Construction this week now. We can’t wait to see how that changes the look of the bathrooms!

On Friday Rock N Edge Landscaping was able to get our new flower beds on the north end of the barn leveled out and backfilled with black stone (of course). We are told the stone will actually get “blacker” once the rain washes on it for awhile.

Saturday morning Cody cut out the can lights in both bathrooms. It was not fun but he was thankful he only had to climb into the rather warm attic once to hook up a junction box. We spent the rest of the day planting flowers we picked up from Dutch Mill Greenhouse and Miller’s Country Gardens. The flowerbeds look great and really make the north patio look complete.

Sunday we hung both the lights that go in the bride room, they really pop and you can start to see the room come together now!

The grass we planted a couple weeks ago is starting to fill in nicely. Hopefully after some warm weather this week it will dry out the wet spots and we’ll be ready to mow by the end of the month!

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