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This weeks lesson… bigger tiles does not mean less work. 😂 But boy are they beautiful! Daulton Construction has been putting in overtime this week trying to get this bathrooms done before our grand opening. (Thank you Jewel for sharing your husband)

On Saturday in the morning we got the cabinets set in the bride room and the makeup vanities framed in as well. They are coming in the morning to measure for countertops! We hosted our third of six graduation parties that evening, the weather was beautiful and the the event went flawless!

Sunday we wrapped up the week with A+ Landscaping bringing his hydro-mulcher over so that we could spray the grass we planted a couple weeks ago. It is starting to fill in and this should give us a moisture blanket as well as give the grass seed already on the ground something that it can grow in. 

Another big week ahead as we look to get our toilets, sinks and stall dividers installed before the weekend!

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